Malta's history stretches spinal column into the ages as far fund as 5000 BC and carbon chemical analysis has verified this. Scattered all completed the Maltese Islands one comes decussate demonstration of Malta's period. The maximum exalted individual a array of temples which have been termed to be the first free-standing core structures exceeding even the earlier core constructions of Egypt - the Pyramids; and senior even than Stonehenge. Prehistory lees in Malta are unequalled and nought is remotely parallel everywhere in the world. Prehistory is segmented into iii phases Neolithic (5200 - 4100 BC), Temple Period (4100 - 2500 BC), Bronze Age (2500 - 800 BC). The work of fiction Malta Before History published by Miranda Publishers and left-slanting by a digit of authors gives an in-depth be trained of the Malta's period.

Malta Before History is an archaeological, learned and illustration analysis of Malta's pre-history represent in the first separate marble buildings in the international on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

Malta Before History explores the nugget structures, identified topically as 'the temples' that are elderly than the pyramids in Egypt, the sites of Mesopotamia and Stonehenge in England. This alone publication, next to a opening by illustrious scholarly person Lord Colin Renfrew, brings the Maltese Islands to the fame of new generations of historians and academics as capably as readers and travellers who soak up the individuality of long-ago and have ne'er until that time revealed Malta was the nest of such as marvellous ancient sites. To citation Lord Renfrew, 'something prodigious took site in Malta more than 5,000 geezerhood ago and within is obscurity else in the worldwide that can brag of grave core monuments at so archean a date'. Two of the locations examined in this publication, the memorial temples and the Saflieni Hypogeum were professed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1980.

Extraordinary facts blossom out something like the curious origins of prehistorical Maltese man and how he constructed such as unpaired edifice. Chapters consider studies on The Building of Megalithic Malta and The Bronze Age as capably as the enigma of the Cart Ruts and whether the 'Fat Lady' was truly a god or a god. Equally copernican is a chapter display how new carbon geological dating has verified that Malta's prehistoric culture and its character granite monuments are much aged than archaeologists had original assumptive. Authors encompass David Trump, Anthony Pace, Anthony Bonanno, Ann Monsarrat, Daniel Clarke, Michael Hughes Clarke, Alex Torpiano, Frank Ventura, Reuben Grima and Richard England.

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