To the Lake
[Chapter Five]

They some slept until morning, the combustion was most out, the sun was in actual fact out, and the food was burnt. They woke up, looked at all other, and laughed for every odd reason; conceivably because they were some stationary alive, maybe because they didn't want to cry, yet bodily function came next to Feba's laughter, and Blue knew it was simply the commencement for her sorrowing procedure. But he grabbed the moment, and laughed near her.

They both looked at the gloomy slab of food suspension in the air, bound to a offshoot on the tree. And near a prompt taking hold to his knife, he grabbed it, and started to cut a serving for Feba, and one for him. It was a great iii pounds of meat. The top flat solid was all darkly burnt, but nether it, the food was smashing. It tasted suchlike rabbit, Blue told Feba.

"Yaw, it is coney alright," she hesitated, and afterwards added, "it' has solitary been unthawed for a few years." No more than was said; even the leporid brought callous recollections spinal column. Blue moved out it alone; he didn't need to know who caught it. It tasted good, and to whom caught it, thanks.

"We got to go," declared Blue.

"Yaw, I know, it's not innocuous present. I suppose I never genuinely material secure in this region."

"I'll embark on golf stroke out the fire, I anticipation you can direct the journey, I know it's South, but that's in the region of all I cognize."

"We are just about ten miles north of a big pond titled we entail to get to that region and we can crisscross avoiding a lot of the downfall and woodsy area, we have now traveled give or take a few five miles southeast as you know, after we angry the water we need to disseminate to go South [Brainerd by Deerwood]. We can go a elflike West and go to a metropolitan titled St. Cloud, we will be going on for twenty-miles from there, or we can last to Pigs Eye, which will be roughly speaking xxxv miles from here. I too cognise once we get far enough, here is another municipality to the east, we will be but fifteen-miles from there, titled Stillwater, or once more in the region of the very width to Pigs Eye."

"Let's of late go southbound until we hit Pigs Eye, it sounds like a unswerving plan, and I like plans, unless by some means we got to change it."

As they started packing material their material possession (what few things they had), Blue noticed in the far duration individual on a foal in the lush cimmerian of the woody spread intersecting from the cooked out place of abode. It was an Indian, he seen a few feathers coming from the rear legs of his guide. Feba didn't spot and Blue port it alone, he fabric if she knew she'd lose her composure, she had just lost her intact family, and her existence was not too important to her authority now, at this mo. And he didn't need that yet. Plus, if the Indian desired a fight, he knew wherever they were. He'd maximum promising postponement and see if the cool took safekeeping of them primary. He was a disloyal most likely, suchlike the trimming that set happening to Feba's quarters.

If he fought he loved a raid. That is why he was erect here. To let Blue cognise he was a warrior, not a coward, and so Blue went to the anterior of the forest, stood dignified approaching a steeple.

"What you doing Blue," cried Feba, "you will get killed if you are not careful; the Indians may not moving be say."

"Sorry, Feba only just desirable to get a later expression at the place of abode. To bad, it's basically too curst bad."

Next they both started the visit done the vegetation. But this case they had a horse, Feba had a carry wrapping cloaked global her body, it was heavy, but it was tepid. The fur was on her body, and the skin-hide side, was exposed; as was Blue's undergo skin, in the same way. It was single about five-below nought Feba told Blue, and no turn. It wasn't bad compared to the last few days meditation Blue.

Then it dawned on Blue, this was not the way he loved to die, self unthawed suchlike an ice-sickle, toppling off a roof of a house: frozen beside his opinion open, and lips unthawed break open partly unequivocal from unsteady and set display their white to the world, as his physical structure was all wrapped up in material to provide evidence ancestors the acumen of a Minnesota winter; on your deathbed slow away, single to be icy to decease at a subsequently time.

No, he was a gunfighter; a rubber bullet in the head, the suspicion by a faster man that was how he unreal he'd die, once he was too old to wrench the gun from his holster. And of course, Blue knew at hand was no man viable that was faster, deceiver and more fatal with a gun next he.
I normal he knew, anyone hurrying was one thing, but man silent and fast, and knowing the gun you had close to you knew your horse was section of the game, the fatal gave. Caution and replete were another qualities to living you live. Then after he walked a few miles in the gelid snow, possibly this maybe, maybe, only maybe, he told himself, this is the way to die, since no gunfighter can eliminate me. What a witticism the God in shangri-la is musical performance on me: abandoned wolves that stay alive in this woodland, Indians, and the god-forsaken cold, his worse nightmare, one of these weather will positively get me; so he told himself (thought in his in his cognition as he walked mi after statute mile. If a canine killed him, he told himself that would be worse than an Indian, or gunfighter. He wasn't even a human: "I'd fairly die in battle," he murmured, and Feba said:

"What did you basically say?" He didn't answer, not in no doubt if he even heard her: '...was I to be spared death,' he thought, 'or die as an animal in the cold-wild?'

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