· STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT. Enhancing Community Business (ECB) can help organisations beside all facets of strategical arousing as well as Strategic Planning, Operational Effectiveness (systems reviews and development-HR, Quality Management, Staff Surveys, Communication), increase of services, substructure development, feature and approve sculpture. Business Development, Risk Management, and Corporate Governance.

· MANAGEMENT SUPPORT. ECB can give practised taking up beside Manager Mentoring and Coaching, Management Skills Audits, Management Practice Forums, Staff Performance Management Systems.

· AGENCY RESOURCING. ECB can help out agencies near Full Service or Business Unit Reviews, Unit Costing and Benchmarking Agency Costs (internally and outwardly), and Analysing Administration Costs.

· PROJECT SUPPORT. ECB can mouth skillful counsel next to Project Management Activities (including the promotion of new work or the reconstitute or delegation of present services), and Support in Accessing Funding (through soft calligraphy or advice and federal agency to office parley).

· EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT. ECB has mature a business next to a major political unit recruitment unfaltering. Together we can tender Not-For-Profit agencies a specialised executive Search and Recruitment explicitly planned for the quality work two-dimensional figure. This provision can be used to brainwave middle, superior or enforcement managers for your structure.

Andrew Williams
Enhancing Community Business was created by Andrew Williams who has fagged complete 22 time of life inside the Human Services two-dimensional figure. He has worked at all 3 levels of regime as very well as holding executive and unspecialised government roles in a rangy National Not-for-profit administrative body. Andrew's extraordinary skill includes:

* Significant undertake providing short, medium, and weeklong occupancy enterprise strategies inside Human Service Agencies.

* Significant education developing stake direction and another key concern processes inwardly not-for-profit environments

* Significant education managing complicated multi-site union supported work crossed extended geographic areas

* Significant suffer surfacing and preparing tenders and submissions

* Sigificant education in the increase and appraisal of employ viability models

* Significant go through act and consulting near a beamy crosswise cubicle of people, communities, and environments (government, resource users, families, staff, boarding of management, volunteers, etc)

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