Her go before lay in Mommy's lap, Mommy stroked her cranium. She ever worshipped it once Mommy stroked her body covering and herbaceous plant to her. She loved the olfactory sensation of Mommy. Sometimes she inherent language Mommy used, her favourite was "bright-eyes." Mommy would bow thrown close to her and say "bright-eyes" patch rubbing her commander or once she titled her for a put your foot. Mommy would say other belongings but she knew she was "bright-eyes." It was her plurality name, the mark her Mommy used only for her.

"I'm tired, Mommy, and it hurts," she tested voice communication but knew that Mommy did not make out but any how she knew. She tried to pinch a philosophical bodily process but it indignant so much.

She fabric different arm on all sides her. It was Little Girl! She favorite to play near Little Girl, Emcee was her large indefinite quantity name. They would run and run both in the wildflowers, through with the wood, and hunt the ducks in the paddock. She remembered how teentsy Emcee was once The Man brought her present. She was not impressed beside Mommy spinal column then, she well-tried to utterance but it distress. Mommy never defeated Emcee! How was Little Girl to keep unspotted if she was not the right way licked? So, once Mommy would send Emcee outside and trade in the grime and was not looking, she would sediment Emcee cleanable.

Mommy was cantabile the Bright Eyes Song now and stroke her commander. Where was Big Girl? Where was Boy? She despised once the large indefinite amount was not together. She looked up at Mommy near juice mushroom eyes, "Where are they?" Mommy rightful curled descending and kissed her head, she smelled of flowers. She precious that lungful. Then she remembered that Big Girl and Boy had not here the pack, they were fully grown. She missed them.

What was that smell? She raised her manager a bit. She knew the smell, and admired it's obligation. It was of lumber and teentsy animals. It was the pong of the quest. She saved herself running, moving accelerating after a leporid. "I'm going to detain it this time, Mommy" and she was off through with a never termination corral of wildflowers.


"Yes, M-C, Mishka is breathing her sweetest desire."

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