BSCI communicating happening is all part of the pack of becoming a CCNP, and bit of that occurrence is now learning the nitty-gritty of IP Version 6, or IPv6. One of the utmost challenging surroundings of acquisition IPv6 concepts is the hugely polar addressing venture that IPv6 uses as compared to IPv4. Just facial expression at these sample addresses:

Typical IPv4 address:

Typical IPv6 address: 1029:9183:81AE:0000:0000:0AC1:2143:019B

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As you can see, IPv6 isn't precisely simply basting two more than octets onto an IPv4 address!

I haven't met too many networkers who genuinely similar to typing, more than ever numbers. You'll be satisfied to cognize in that are both rules that will trim those addresses a bit, and it's a hugely slap-up content to be graceful near these rules for your examination.

You remind from your CCNA studies that there's no peculiarity relating an upper-case letter and lower-case memorandum in positional representation system. That's one of cardinal elemental rules you obligation to know once employed beside IPv6 addressing. The other than factors woody beside all the zeroes you'll run into in IPv6 addresses! One of these rules is the regulate of nought compaction.

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The bylaw of not anything compression states that if an code contains ordered fields of zeroes, they can be verbalised beside two colons. It doesn't issue if you have two fields or eight, you can but hue two colons and that will represent all of them. The key present is that you can one and only do this past in an IPv6 computer code. This is referred to as not anything densification. Here's an example:

Original format: 1234:1234:0000:0000:0000:0000:3456:3434

Using zilch compression: 1234:1234::3456:3434

Again, you must remind that you can solely do this past in an IPv6 computer code exhibition.

What if near are zeroes in the address that don't reasonably fit this rule? The adjacent sector of our IPv6 tutorial will treaty next to governing nil compression, other piece of equipment you can use to trim these long, long-term addresses!

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