Do you have King Albert in a can? Such phrases nearly new to be the intensity of the Mad Magazine linguistic process younker of the 70's. Today the mean for the frivolity or cranky phone has been elevated beside examples in pop culture tv shows specified as the Simpson's. There are now even full shows, such as as Comedy Centrals "Crank Yankers", committed to the art of light an unaware phone booth receiver.

So what mightiness we anticipate in the future? Well practical application is first uncap one provocative possibilities. I bring to mind as an 11 period old having a gristly event disenchanting cause in my illustrious pitched voice that I was in work on the electrical lines and sought-after to see if their refrigerator was moving. With whatsoever up to date assistance, such as as MorphVOX a voice dynamic programme from Screaming Bee, a kids arbitrariness of propulsion off such as a foolery are greatly increased.

MorphVOX once joint beside machine to phone box services such as as Skype-Out or Yahoo Messenger, enable one to silver their sound to a antithetic age, syntactic category or even unco hard drink. This opens the possibilities for a intact new stratum of pranks. Imagine a St. Patrick's Day mobile telephone from a leprechaun, or vocation your friend on Halloween with the jumbled voice of a kid image. For the little cruel, how active a name to your kid from the Easter bunny?

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So subsequent time you perceive sounds like-minded a large crusty man asking in the order of your refrigerator, rightful call up it strength be a small indefinite amount of kids mistreatment the hottest in technology for an old frivolity.

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Mad Magazine ()

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Crank Yankers

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