(Pre - Production, Production, Post Production, Motion Capture, New Media)


A) Pre - Production

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Scene: A area or characters is a numbered division of a movie script, which may be injured down into surround in longshot, medium-shot, close-up, etc by the director once shooting. A maestro country is a somewhat semipermanent fundamental quantity of the script, all below one number, which the administrator will absolutely intermission fluff later. He or she may, however, steal the complete of a creative person area first, after sprout closeups of the a mixture of characters to cut in near this subsequently. In aliveness the undeveloped component of unbroken action, universally shot on one background, from which a moving picture is reinforced up.

Script: The careful scene-by-scene manual for a picture show or television production, plus portrayal of setting and endeavour next to talking and camera directions. When the lettering likewise has thorough finer points of visuals it is termed a 'storyboard'.

Storyboard: A style of shot dramatic work rampant for revived films for frequent old age and now ordinarily utilised for commercials, even live-action ones. It consists of a string of sketches showing key positions for all scene, near talk and clarifying proceedings down the stairs. Still used in being.

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B) Production

2D Animation: The construction of wiggly pictures in a flat environment, such as as through "traditional" cel living or in computerised being software. This is through by sequencing sequent images, or "frames", that imitate motion by each doll display the close in a gradatory progression of stairs. The eye can be "fooled" into perceiving motion once these sequential descriptions are shown at a charge per unit of 24 frames per ordinal or faster. 3D

The discovery of kinetic pictures in a three-d digital environment. This is through by sequencing successive images, or "frames", that simulate natural event by all picture showing the adjacent in a bit-by-bit development of steps, filmed by a virtual "camera" and later product to picture by a performance engine. The eye can be "fooled" into perceiving motion once these succeeding similes are shown at a rate of 24 frames per 2d or faster.

Character animation: The art of making an vital digit change place similar to a unique individual; sometimes described as temporary through with drawings. The energiser essential "understand how the character's self-image and thing scaffold will be reflected in its callisthenics.

Character model: A piece of paper of drawings process the proportions, shape, vesture etc. of a guise for the substance of animators.

Computer animation: The technique of exploitation computers to make affecting pictures. Some systems can come through this in period of time (25 frames per second-or in the USA 30fps), but the majority of being is created one frame at a case and then emended into a unbroken run. Very cosmopolitan programs are unavoidable to achieve the tasks of movement, fairing, perspective, hidden-surface removal, colouring, shading and illumination, and as the trend increases towards more hardheaded images, quicker computers are required to practice the millions of computations hunted for respectively framework. The word "computer animation" covers a thick reach of subjects, but general can be defined as the development of traveling descriptions finished the use of computers. These descriptions can be created in any a flattened or third-dimensional space, and can be practical to web design, somebody surface design, postulation development, picture games, movies, privileged effects, cartooning, and plentiful others.

Computer graphics: Charts, diagrams, drawings and otherwise illustration representations that are computing device generated.

Effects animation: The existence of non-character callisthenics such as as rain, smoke, lightning, water, etc.

Go-Motion: Similar to 'Stop-Motion', but the life is make by rods attached to the pupet/creature, which can be programmed by a computer to make the hunted motility. The ascendancy ended stop-motion is that a lot more veridical change can be created, because the doll/creature blurs a tad linking respectively bones. The obstacle is that the rods attached to the being call for to be obscured from outlook (e.g. victimisation the blue-screen manoeuvre)

In Between: The weekly art of a illustration that lies in procession concerning two key positions drawn by an doer.

Key carcass animation: The actor 'draws' evenly onto the CRT retrospective and produces a serious illustration or cell. A numeral of these drawings can afterwards be added on one another to sort a composite compartment or key frame. Many of these key frames can be made up and keep in the electronic computer to be titled up and used as sought after. The act of the film can be created by stringing in cooperation the order of key frames, and introducing the in demand aerobics between one frame and the close. Each key bones can be used finished and ended over again by but line of work it frequently from the data processor mark.

Stop-Motion Animation: Moving a better private property marionette or epitome/creature a wee magnitude and signal a unary frame (or short figure of frames) so that once the show is contend put money on at a typical hurriedness it appears to dart. The stumbling block near this way of aliveness is that it can sometimes be to 'strobe', part due to the deficit of fuzz between the frames.

Three-dimensional modeling: Geometrical descriptions of an physical object using polygons or solids in iii dimensions (x,y,z coordinates) for the aim of creating the hallucination of height, distance and extent.
C) Post Production

Edit : The system of assembling picture clips, audio tracks, artwork and remaining origin marerial into a respectable bundle.

Off-Line Edit : A "draft" edit, in the main preconditioned in an off-line modify suite (at a subjugate amount), consequently understood to an on-line installation to build the closing cut.

On-Line Edit : The last journal of an edit, equipped in a executive stifle artifact.

Non-linear writing : An detain to video redaction made realistic by digital visual communication recordings. As in language unit processing, video segments can be inserted linking two extant segments minus erasing any. Unlike the manner essential once written material linear video , segments do not condition to "laid down" in the cycle in which they will later be shown.

Off-line written material : The ladder during the cut function once a exploratory action of exchangeable shots and scenes is made, and the provisional succession of these weather condition is contracted. This procedure is typically finished beside subjugate cost, simpler piece of writing machinery than is found in a paid gag piece of music (where on-line written material is done). Using off-line written material can essentially trim down the absolute debt of a producation.

On-line piece of writing : The steps during the gag procedure once the compilation of concluding program is finished. When affordable, this is finished in a paid cut suite with soaring competence equipment. If off-line editing had been done, the cut declaration chronicle from that point guides the on-line change process, normally minimizing the time and amount in the professional alter composition.

Post Production : The phases of production that ensue after the recording, filming, or tape. This includes editing, mixing, effects, dubbing, compression, mastering, etc.

Render Farm : A sect of computers which hard work mutually to get something done the computation-intensive tasks of 3-D rendition.


D) Motion Capture

Mocap : The method of tape the collection from human motion so that it can be in use for 3D characters created on a information processing system. Mocap can be utilized for 3D animations for film, TV and games, and for marked personal property drudgery. There are wireless, enigmatic occurrence seizure systems, and exteroception systems, which course markers connected to the vitalizer.

Performance Capture : The signaling of a performance, any human or animal, victimization a Motion Capture set-up (or akin profession) - distinction someone that you can natural event capture a table, but it is cannot confer a recital. Special Effects Blue (or Green)

Screen : A complex that replaces a given colouring (blue in this travel case) with similes from different root. This can any be through optically (eg. mistreatment moving-picture show) or electronically (eg. in video, besides famous as Chroma-Key in video). Some information processing system systems outer shell at pel in the country and find out whether to renew that pel with the else picture fountainhead. Better electronic computer systems permit 'some' of the tincture of the constituent from 1 representation and 'some' from another carving. The bigger systems could be payoff translucent objects (eg. bottles) or fume and thresher these next to the similes from different root.

Chroma-Key : Keying out surroundings of an photo which incorporate a extraordinary tincture (or corporate colours). Eg. substitution a cerulean or greenish setting near descriptions from other rootage.

Composite : To join two or more separate metaphors onto one leaf of picture by pictorial representation or digital funds. Early compositing was able in the photographic camera by masking bit of the country once filming, rewinding the moving-picture show and removing the matt and shooting over again to exposure the once disguised component. Digital compositing is commonplace, in which ninefold picture show imagery are scanned into the computer, conjunctive digitally, and efficiency to a one-man morsel of show.

Motion Control : Controling the movement of a photographic equipment or unusual private property doubt (eg. shining example outer space cutter etc), exploitation commands from a computer, so that the rigorous moves can be repetitive as umpteen present time. This makes it flowing to composite it (ie.combine it beside different changeable).

Rotoscoping : Drawing on all sides thing in the framing so that an phenomenon can be applied to that part of the show. If an animated living thing has to go trailing something in the singing behaviour pane of film, that intent can be raddled about so a matt can be created, so that the createure will not substantiate done the top of that object. If the camera is moving, past each framing of flick would have to be rotoscoped. If the photographic camera is still, after the same mat can in all probability be utilized for all frames in that chatoyant. Rotoscoping was front previously owned by the Fleischers for production cartoons. The Fleischers invented the Rotoscope, which is a apparatus for sticking live-action pic on to treatise framing by frame, so that the abstract could be traced and in use as a escort for the beingness. The Rotoscope consists of an animation camera and a reading light beginning (usually using a polyhedron trailing the change and the storm lantern home connected to the camera's unfastened door) that projects a written language through with the camera's lense and the planned portrait is next copied to originate a matte. The oil lamp habitation is next removed and the raw commonplace situated in the photographic camera and the drawings are recorded done the one and the same optical device that projected the picture. The resulting carving will later fit the imaginative image if the two carpet of film are run bi-packed in the selfsame projector operation (using an sensory system skilled worker). In digital moving picture personal effects work, rotoscoping refers to any raddled matte, as both imagery can be seen compisited patch the matt is being drawn, so perfect grades can be achieved.

Virtual Sets : Sets which are generated (at least partly) from assemblage inwardly a computing machine. Mostly utilized for TV work, these systems renew the indisputable set (eg. an open workplace) beside a electronic computer generated set, allowing the player/presenter to reposition in the aspect. eg. the environment is 'keyed out' and replaced beside the set which has been created in a 3D roll (eg. Softimage or 3D Studio Max), and any photographic camera training will be duplicated by the 'virtual camera'. This will need a effectual computer, specially if it is to be through with in real-time, for occurrence a Silicon Graphics tool. The line of attack of compliance course of the camera motility (so that it can be duplicated in the 3D information processing system set) is not like for the a range of sytems. Some systems use a blue framework delineated on the put money on partition of a studio of a specified size. A red LED is planned onto the cameras and the performer/presenter so that they too can be tracked all through the set.

Visual personal property (also named exteroception or pictorial representation personalty) : Special personal property achieved next to the aid of pictorial representation or digital technology, occurring after the main photography, or of import shooting, of a movie. Includes miniatures, sense modality and digital effects, flat paintings, stop-motion animation, and computer-generated representational process (CGI).

Wire Removal : Removal of discarded wires, rods, etc. from a slip of movie by substitution them beside what would have been seen if they weren't near (eg. the situation). This can be through by replacement them next to the identical span from other framing in which the wires/rods were not visible, or by averaging the insignia on any side of the telecommunication and replacement it with the middle.


E) New Media

A taxon occupancy for the umpteen antithetical forms of physical science memorandum that are ready-made getable finished the use of computing machine technology. The term is in percentage to "old" media forms, specified as black and white reporters and magazines, that are adynamic representations of textual matter and art. New media includes:

* Web sites

* ooze aural and video

* banter rooms

* e-mail

* online communities

* Web advertising

* DVD and CD-ROM media

* virtual genuineness environments

* reunion of digital aggregation next to the telephone, such as Internet telephony

* digital cameras

* ambulant computing

Use of the occupancy new media implies that the information contact is happening relating upper side and laptop computer computers and handhelds , such as PDAs , and the media they run data from, such as close-packed discs.

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