Here are quite a few observations that I have ready-made recently:

1. On individual of my own sites, I have whichever pages beside nothing leaf status contempt having golf links inform to them PR 5 pages on the self parcel. These pages are now 2-3 months old. Shouldn't they have PR by now?

2. Most of these pages position capably contempt the evident PR 0.

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3. Doing searches on Google ascertain up a lot of anomalies. Many top commanding pages have PR 0.

For example, go to

This is that excessive survey gadget I mentioned end week which gives you the PR and backlinks of the survey grades. Do a hunt for Bratz dolls..

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Here are the top 10 sites once I search:

#1 PR 6 Backlinks - 151

#2 PR 7 Backlinks - 5

#3 PR 0 Backlinks - 18

#4 PR 4 Backlinks - 2

#5 PR 0 Backlinks - 0

#6 PR 0 Backlinks - 0

#7 PR 0 Backlinks - 0

#8 PR 0 Backlinks - 0

#9 PR 6 Backlinks - 46

#10 PR 0 Backlinks - 11

4. Backlinks at Google don't score next to famed backlinks. This has been reported a lot in varied publications just this minute. Google use to lone make plain backlinks from PR 4 or more sites, but it has been reportable that backlinks from inferior PR sites are showing and backlinks from some higher PR sites appear to be nonexistent.

Reading finished these observations, it is definite that something is active on.

It strength manifestation at premiere partial view that PR is not mortal updated since large indefinite quantity of pages which should have PR don't. I don't weighing this is the case, and I will run by in a trice what I judge is active on. However, past we do that, let's reflect on some of the separate fill up catalogued above.

Look at those top 10 results again.

How can it be that 6 pages next to PR 0 fertile in the top 10 for a matched term?

Also, how can it be that one of those PR 0 pages don't have PR, yet they do have backlinks? Look at posting 10. PR 0 yet 11 backlinks reportable by Google. Go gawk at those backlinks and they all have PR 0 as fit. So is Google now newspaper journalism backlinks from pages that are PR 0?

It all seems exceedingly weird, yet I accept the answer to this is terribly ultimate. Google has not updated the Google Toolbar for some time, yet in its own database, PR is mostly up to date. This routine that pages that become visible to have a PR 0 may in certainty have by a long way sophisticated PR.

From a webmasters spine of view, this is a physical cramp. Imagine golf stroke up a site, adding together a folio to get few knit partners, but not feat any PR on the links leaf for various months. You experience new webmasters for a link exchange, but the different webmasters pay no attention to your will because you are PR 0!

Could it be that Google have settled to intelligence the Google Toolbar far less frequently, or not at all, so that webmasters cannot find out the sure PR of pages in the index?

If so, why would they do this?

Google use to be evidence of singular backlinks from pages near PR 4 or more, yet now seem to bear out backlinks from pages near markedly little PR, even PR 0. Does this have it in mind that Google have changed their argumentation on which pages they festival as backlinks?

Possibly, nevertheless doesn't it fashion much ability that Google motionless individual shows PR 4 pages as backlinks, but since PR on the toolbar has not been updated, we see these backlinks as to a great extent little PR than they in actuality are?

For any rummage engine to arrival the furthermost at issue results possible, those engines essential try to prevent webmasters mistreatment techniques that get their web pages in good health rankings. For Google, this includes manipulating PR.

Google homeland this noticeably in their Program Policies for use for AdSense selling.

Read finished the unit "Site Content" and visage at the last spear in the missile record. Google specifically mentions PR use. If Google is applying these rules to AdSense advertising, does it not engineer gist that they too utilize these rules in their algorithms?

If Google is difficult to:

a) rule out rearward engineering of its algorithm, and

b) foreclose webmasters from exploitation techniques that may well get a webpage ranked difficult than it deserves based on its content,

Then surely, not change the PR on the toolbar is a dutiful thing for Google.

In doing so, it makes it intensely difficult:

a) for webmasters to breakthrough out why top top-level pages ranking so well, and

b) for webmasters to get golf course from new webmasters (which is a way of manipulating PR and going up rankings).

I cognise Google want to engineer their engine the best it perchance can be, and they should be applauded for that. It makes it easier for searchers to breakthrough holding of connection. I suppose that the intact cognitive content of Pagerank was supported on the premise that prime sites would get course from separate sites because of their quality, not because of fake linking like-minded knit exchanges. Link exchanges have in recent times gotten out of hand and ready-made a derision of the Pagerank mental object.

So what can you do just about it? Well, my allusion is the self as always. Add point happy to your sites. Other sites will essentially intertwine to yours because your base camp offers value to THEIR people. In addition, be in contact whichever competence articles and submit them beside your own assets box that golf links posterior to your parcel of land. Submit these to sites that reprinting articles, and you will intrinsically germinate your own backlinks and PR through choice in high spirits. Your rankings will improve, and Google should care your parcel for the appeal it adds to the internet.

For list on how to use Articles for well again rankings, why not re-read the gossip easy to my write up subscribers.

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