Backgammon Rules are the same for the genuine worldwide and for the internet backgammon.

In demand to see how to performance backgammon, you must read all the instruction manual and realize all the rules as explained.

In Backgammon, in that are two players musical performance in opposition all otherwise. Their Objective is to change place their checkers to their dominion on piece of wood and then yield them out.

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The premier to dislocate all his board game off the floorboard wins the backgammon halting.


The board game game is vie relating two players on a board beside 24 triangles titled "Points". The points have two colours which sole minister to you to figure your moves minus any purpose to the flag. The commission is biloculate into 4 less important boards- "Home boards" and "Outer boards".

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The "Bar" separates all the boarding and runs in the mediate.

Each entertainer has its own 15 board game (there are two colors - red and white).

Each point on the backgammon board has a contrary numeral for respectively artist. Each board game player starts to digit the points from his haunt. The basic component of the white musician is to be found on the less well-matched cross of the plate. This is too the xx cardinal spear for the red actor. There are 2 regular chop next to 6 sides and a "Doubling cube" that has the book of numbers 2, 4, 8,16,32,64 on it and nearly new solitary to difficult bet.


Each board game player throws a chop up. The grades of the cube discover who starts prototypal (the recitalist next to the highly developed end result) and the most primitive reallocate according to the results of both die.

If both players have the one and the same result, they involve to flip again.

After the prototypical turn, respectively artist throws two square block on alternating turns.


The promotion of the draughts is strong-willed by the consequence of the dice, the lumber appearance how plentiful points ("Pips") a tender is allowed to put somewhere else. The move of the board game on the backgammon board is anti clockwise.


1. It is not allowed to move a attender to a tine which is not "Free/ Open". A extricated barb means it's not inhabited near more than than 1 opponent's tender.

2. As explained earlier, the moves are granted reported to respectively disconnected cube. There umpteen possibilities of crusade for the identical rattle of dice.

For Example, once a recitalist has a heave of 4 and 6 he may put out of place a tender 4 moves and a unlike attender the else 6, or he can transport the said tender 4 moves and later another 6 (or 6 moves and next 4) merely if the middle prickle is out-of-school.

3. "Double"- When some mince demonstrate the same amount. If a actress throws a treble he will comedy the figure on the cube double (in pure 4 present time).

For example, A heave of 2 and 2 gives the contestant cardinal two's to use.

4. The actor must rearrange the draughts whenever the set-up on the flat timber allows him to, and use all the moves ruthless by the chop (even if it is a identical twin). If lone one figure can be played, the entertainer essential put out of place this number, or if all figure can be compete but not together, the high figure essential then be contend. When all the numbers cannot be played, the actress loses his change direction.


"Blot"- a thorn that is settled with one and only one attendant.

If a entertainer lands on an opponent's blot, it is a "Hit" and the opponent's attender is rapt to the bar.


Whenever a artist has checkers on the bar his original move, up to that time he makes any otherwise moves, must be entering the attendant on the bar to the opponents' sett plate.

A attendant can enter upon according to the role of the chop if the component is embark on.

If some numbers are not open, the player loses his curve. If the actress has much than one attendant on the bar, and succeeds to get in merely one, because the other numeral is not open- he is not allowed to use the different number- singular once all board game are off the bar, a artist can create ahorse the other board game in a circle the lath.


When a contestant deepened all his board game on his address piece of wood he is prepared to create "Bearing off". A attendant is separate once the figure rolled matches the checker's spine. For example, once a 2 is rolled, the entertainer can carnivore off a tender vertical at two barb.

If location is no attender on the point the die show- the entertainer must formulate a reassign (if lawfully probable) using a attender located on a sophisticated component.

If here are no board game on high prickle the recitalist can carry off the attendant from the topmost prickle achievable.

A recitalist doesn't have to accept off if he can engender a officially recognized change.

If the albescent actress started to suffer off, and the opposing hits him, the albescent musician must enter his checker from the bar as usual once a tender is hit and conclusion his tender back to his haunt lath past he can start to carry off again.

The first-year player to take on off all his 15 draughts is the winner!

This is titled Gammon, and once the hostile didn't yet started to accept off his draughts it is titled backgammon.

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